Frequently Asked Questions

No. We prefer, and listeners prefer, if you do not submit your own music for votes. Your music does not need to be submitted for votes to be included in the live stream. If you submit your own music for votes, rather than allowing listeners to submit your song for votes, there are several negative results:

  • It will be treated as blatant self promotion. And listeners will be turned off from voting on it.
  • Because you are submitting it outside of it being played on the live stream, no one but you will be upvoting it.
  • Listeners won't be rewarded with karma for submitting good songs for votes. You will be stealing karma from listeners.

The music you hear on the radio reddit streams and on the site are all provided by the musicians, artists and bands of reddit. Just as there are artists, musicians, scientists, and other professionals who are redditors, there are an incredible number of musicians. All music that is uploaded to radio reddit is played on the streams and available in the discover section. Artists have control over what genre their songs belong and whether or not they are downloadable.

It means your song is awaiting approval or you deleted the song or there was an error. Most likely, it's awaiting approval.

If you need to change the main genre of your track, go to to edit your track's information.

The reason you cannot edit a songs information once uploaded, is because the names in our file system and for the voting permalinks, are based on the information you provide when going through the upload process. If you make a mistake with spelling, the only recourse is to delete the song and upload the song again.

The short answer of how songs are chosen for airplay is that the higher a song's reddit score, the better its chances of being included in any given playlist.

The long answer is for every given genre playlist all songs for that playlists genere(s) are grabbed along with their current reddit scores. Then the average positive reddit score is calculated to determine the baseline for the average song score. Songs with scores higher then the baseline are sorted into a best pile, while songs with a reddit score between -5 and the baseline (or no score at all) are sorted into the normal pile. Songs with a redditscore of -5 or lower are excluded all together. The best pile is split into new and old.

Once everything is sorted and bad songs are excluded, playlists are then randomly generated with the following recurring pattern: new best, old rising, new normal, old best, new rising, old normal.

New is any song newer than three months. Best is any song with a score better than that playlists' average. Rising is song score > 1/2 the playlist's average score. Normal is now any song with a score from -5 to 1/2 the playlists average score.

The idea is that you will always hear new music with the old music and all submitted songs have a chance at airplay until they begin to accumulate upvotes or downvotes.

Once a song is approved by our song approvers (who simply check that what you uploaded is in accordance with our upload policy), it will be chosen at random to be played on radio reddit. There is a new uploads block on radio reddit and your song will most likely make its stream debut there on the day it is approved. On average you song will be played on the stream within one week after uploading.

We use what some would deem a hack or a novel misuse of the blog buttons. Every song on radio reddit has a permalink that is used to submit the song for votes on our subreddit /r/radioreddit and we use that permalink to create the vote buttons throughout radio reddit. We also make use of's API to track reddit scores and to generate the top playlists.

To upload music, click upload in the menu bar or go to .

All music must be original, and recorded/performed by the uploader. Cover songs will not be accepted. All music that is uploaded goes into our approval queue where it is manually checked. Once the track is approved, it automatically goes into our rotation.

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