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Darkfold started in 2006, based on a mutual obsession with heavy rock music and sonic experimentation. Taking a cue from their heroes in Pink Floyd and Kyuss, they favor an open-minded, DIY approach to create conditions for continuous growth. Darkfold's pioneering ur-rock discoveries may give it the chance to forge something unlike any other band out there. What they have already uncovered is captivating. Like their garage rock forebearers they focus on substance over flash, keep it short and sweet and leave you wanting more. Darkfold leaves hints of a progressive influence despite their stripped down setup. Darkfold is based in Minneapolis/St. Paul and play heavy rock (bordering on metal) with a strong emphasis on melody and solid songwriting. All three members are adept at multiple instruments and they rotate instruments throughout the show. Dynamic and powerful both live and on a record, Darkfold is certainly one of today's bands to watch.

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Songs by Darkfold:

songtitle album
Bottom of the World Metaverse
Discord Metaverse
Echelon Metaverse
Interstellar Metaverse
Nomads Metaverse
Oppressotron Metaverse
Saturn's Waltz Metaverse
The Hunt Metaverse
The System Within Metaverse

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