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Profile for Ilisiocles (pizearke) - electronic

Ilisiocles is an amateur electronic musician with a laptop and a tracker. Most of his music is written about Ancient Roman badasses, the Metroid series, and the absurdity of everyday life. His favorite type of music for listening is funk. When his music comes out even shittier than usual, he usually ends up unicycling or reading about math or some equally weird shit.

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Songs by Ilisiocles:

songtitle album
33222388373 33222388373
Fuck You I Got Mojo Bad at Math
Sequel to Serenity Carmen 16
Entangled III: Wheel and Axle Entangled
Entangled V: Wedge Entangled
Daisy Miasma
Digital Madman Miasma
Grave Circle A Miasma
Miasma Miasma
Not Daisy Miasma
Repulsive Miasma
Above and Beyond The Hunter
Ac Non Trepidem The Hunter
Lonesome Exploration The Hunter
Outset The Hunter

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