Radio Reddit: Best Of, Volume 1 Release 2

Pay What You Want and download the lossless version now:

Welcome to the second release of the Best of Radio Reddit series!

This release includes Loss less audio versions of the top voted tracks for September, 2012 from the site All musicians included are users of the popular social site who upload thier own tracks to our web site.

Our release process is as follows:

  • Users upload their own music to
  • The music then becomes included in our radio streams
  • Listeners vote on the tracks they like
  • The top voted tracks for the month on our charts are then selected for the release
  • A loss less copy of the release is offered on a "Pay What You Want" basis.

We hope everyone enjoys the release. If you don’t, then please vote on the tracks that you want in the release. This

is a totally democratic process. In the future we plan on having cover art contests as well as other downloadables /

included files.

Track Info:

01 - Facing Winter - Wash Me Awake

About: "Wash Me Awake" is off of Facing Winter's 2012 EP entitled "Opt Out". The song is an imaginary adventure about running from problems. You can download the entire EP for free at Facing Winter is a 100% indie band from West Chicago, IL. The band performs in the area nearly every weekend and tours regionally. For more info and free music please visit us at OR email Thank you for your support and for taking the time to listen!
Artist Website:


02 - Petriform - What It Wouldn't Take


03 - Koda And The Braveheart - A-O Alley Oop Oop

About: We wrote this track for our self-titled children's album. Frankly, I feel like there is far too much uninspired children's music out there that makes you want to stick a pencil in your ear. So we wrote this album with parents in mind. We wrote it to be fun and relevant to the 5 and under crowd, while also entertaining parents. A-O alley oop oop is an example of our approach. Its a song about toilet training that grooves and includes real, individually recorded, farts. That's right, we farted on a microphone (several times) for your listening pleasure. Hope you enjoy!

Artist website:


04 - Glass Caverns - Watch It Unfold

About: Lo-fi Psych Pop from Denton, TX.

Artist website:


05 - These Old Ghosts - When The Conversations Fade

About: This song was one that Kyle, our singer, played acoustically. When recording in Chicago, barely ever playing as a band at all, we wrote and recorded the full band version in one day.


06 - The Human Race - Better Not Touch

About: Do you remember when you were a little kid and you were told to "look with your eyes, not your hands". This track is a tongue in cheek reference to those childhood days.

Artist website:


07 - Oddlot - The Time Is Now

About: Track 5 from our first EP, available for free download from our facebook page - Nick Dagovitz - Drums Chris Chapman - Bass Chris Merlick - Rhythm Guitar/Vox Dan Dobson - Lead Guitar Joe Jarvis - Lead Vocals/Percussion


Artist website:


08 - Caerus - (Theme_From) Adventurous Journey

About: This was written and recorded in Blacksburg, VA during the summer of 2011. The instrumental developed first in software, walking the line between classic electropop and surreal pop. It felt like a theme song, hence the title, whose vague wording is meant to sound like something goofy translated from Japanese. The strange guitar line was recorded next, and then the vocals. The lyrics are a mantra to keep focused on goals and to never forget the beauty of LIFE.

Artist website:


09 - Clearside - Shapeshifter

About: Shapeshifter was the first official song released under the artist name Clearside. The first song that I felt confident with sharing to the rest of the world. It was written during sessions for our rock project called "Down To A Crawl." When that project failed to materialize I decided to finish and release the track under the Clearside banner. The song truly embodies all that the Clearside sound is: dark, electronic, dirty synth, riff rock guitars and a bad attitude. Rob Hogue is featured playing tasty guitar on Shapeshifter.

Artist website:


10 - These Old Ghosts - I Should Be Sleeping

About: This one of the acoustic songs on our first EP. Kyle wrote it on the way to the studio, on our last day of recording time. Heavily influenced by the stressful five days spent writing and recording the EP.

Artist website:


11 - From A Moving Train - Do You Love Me

About: Our most epic track ever. Over a year in the making, we put everything into this song - from shimmering acoustic guitars and shining mandolin to soaring strings and searing slide guitar. Our masterpiece, at least so far.

Artist website:


12 - Kevin Bryce - A Strange Museum


Please distribute, share, and torrent this release freely.

Pay What You Want and download the lossless version now:



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