Live Streams

Main Stream

Currently playing: Call It Quits by Silhouette Behind the Gun (Johnny_Ibanez) [Indie]
Current Program: main

The main stream rotates through many different genre blocks from electronic to punk and everything in between, as well as special blocks including top of the charts and new uploads.

On Random

Currently playing: ko kom ba by lipaese (jamesafobz) [Pop/Rock]
Current Program: Song Information

The random stream is exactly what it sounds like, the best of radio reddit on random. Only genre neutral playlists including completely random, top of the charts, new songs and best.

Rock Stream

Currently playing: underscore (hollow bodied dreams) by Dummy Jar (DSPoh) [Hard Rock]
Current Program: Rock

The rock stream rotates through many different rock genre blocks including metal, punk, hard rock, and indie rock/alternative.

Metal Stream

Currently playing: by () []
Current Program:

Bang your head, melt a face, or rock your socks off.

Indie and Alternative Stream

Currently playing: Six keys by New now (newnowmusic) [Alternative]
Current Program: Song Information

The Indie/Alt stream plays a mix of indie and alternative genre music.

Electronic Stream

Currently playing: Rival Race by eVo Productions (Paco9897) [Trance]
Current Program: Pump the Tempo

The electronic stream rotates through many different electronic genre blocks including but not limited to dubstep, ambient, trance, jungle, IDM and house.

Hip Hop Stream

Currently playing: Closet Brony by Doc Isaac (sircrowbar) [Hip-Hop]
Current Program: hip_hop_and_rap

The hip hop stream rotates through several different genre blocks incuding hip hop, rap, and hip hop/rap (mixed bag).

Talk Stream

Currently playing: Ventchat: Podcast 234: Spider Scream Number 2
Current Program: On Random

Are you interested hosting a live talk show on radio reddit or providing a podcast for syndication on radio reddit talk? We are interested in starting an all talk stream, but we need content to fill out a schedule. You can help out by subscribing to /r/talkradioreddit, posting a demo, and joining us in chat.

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