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If you are interested in becoming a podcaster or broadcaster on talk radio reddit, please read below and then make an application on /r/talkradioreddit 

Announcing talk radio reddit!

Talk radio reddit is the soon to be launched all talk format stream on radio reddit featuring live talk shows and podcasts that are hosted, produced and controlled by the users of Talk radio reddit will take the voice of the internet from HTML markup on your screen and broadcast waves of information and entertainment out your speakers. The new talk stream will feature live listener call-in shows and prerecorded content with a wide variety of formats and topics.

How are shows chosen for rotation?

Just like the other streams on radio reddit, each show’s episodes are subject to voting. We welcome all shows, but shows will not remain in rotation without listener approval. Higher voted shows will move broadcasters towards “Featured” status and into prime listening times. Lower voted shows will move broadcasters towards a “Rejected” status and into the fringes of the schedule. Shows with an average negative score below a threshold will be removed/banned from talk radio reddit.

How do I get my show on talk radio reddit?

Redditors can submit an application to /r/talkradioreddit to see how fellow redditors respond. Applications that receive interest will move from an “applicant” to a “broadcaster” status.


What is expected of broadcasters?


Show hosts and content producers are expected to make their scheduled time for live shows or to submit their prerecorded shows and podcasts at regular intervals (or make them available via RSS feeds). Broadcasters are not to be racist or homophobic or general asshats (as per reddit’s TOS). radio reddit does not censor but we do have certain expectations regarding common decency and we reserve the right to remove content in violation of reddit’s TOS.

What can I broadcast and what music can I use in my show?

Any music used in your show (as backgrounds, ids, lead ins and outs, etc.) must be 100% licensed for broadcast, download, and redistribution on radio reddit royalty free - essentially “podsafe”. Violators of this policy will have their shows immediately cancelled and archives removed from our site. We are giving radio reddit artists the opportunity for opting in to allow their music to be used on talk radio reddit shows. We will make it easy for broadcasters to find redditor made music to use in their shows from our discover section. Any other content use (text, audio, etc.) must be royalty free or licensed (with written proof) for broadcast, download, and redistribution on radio reddit. radio reddit is not a pirate station and we obey DMCA and US copyright law, just like reddit we are not non-profit and as such fail the first litmus test of fair use.

My show was approved for broadcast! Now what?

Broadcasters will be sent instructions and be set up with exclusive credentials on Live broadcasters will be able to connect with DJ credentials directly into our stream, or radio reddit can connect to and relay your existing shoutcast mp3 format stream. Those producing non-live content will be able to submit their podcasts on a regular basis using a simple webform, or by providing an RSS podcast feed from we will be able to automatically import new episodes.

Will my show be available for downloading after a live broadcast?

Yes. Each live broadcast will automatically be ripped, encoded, and made immediately available on For users with existing podcasts, we can link directly to your page or list of archives.

When will I be able to listen to talk radio reddit?

As soon as we have enough content for a few days worth of rotation, we will publicly launch talk radio reddit

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